Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Seems To Be A Great Idea Now

may not seem like a good idea tomorrow... or perhaps when i wake up.

Okay So Perhaps It's A Half Pint Of VB.

im talking about writing this shit now which will lead to embarrasment. maybe its cool to blog while having a good night. i dont fucking know. tonight was academic! is that a word that describes epic without saying it? i don't think it is. but it sounds similiar and sounds pretty cool. i hate the word epic. FOR REAL.  so i'm writing this blog, if you haven't noticed, in a pretty fine form. i had a staff party tonight... it was pretty good. we than continued to the deen and partied a little too hard. on monday nights @ the deen there is a special V.I.P room for anyone that works in a pub - this means $5 jagerbombs. $5 jacks and coke... $5 fucking everything. totally testicals. had acouple of faggots buy me drinks all night. it was so much fun! sunday i had alot of fun also - went to genevieves for dinner and to watch a movie... i forgot what movie we watched but it was about some dude who had short term memory loss and forgets everything in about 2 minutes. pretty ridiculous and the movie was fucked but i enjoyed it. below are a few pictures i took tonight and yesterday on my iphone. someone remind me to pick up my camera from canon!

also just as a heads up. the sprinklers turned on at 4:06 am in the morning and started hitting the window. completely just shat my fucking pants. ummm. got work at 3pm today! have a function for the fremantle dockers... going to be serving mark harvey today. do i care? no not really. but i think i need the sleep.

pps. your all a bunch of shit cunts. and i had a pretty good fuckin two days.


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