Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas...

Just hopping on to share my words of merryness and happiness. is merryness a word? i don't think it is but for the sake of sounding somewhat educated - i'm going to say it is.

What's on my mind is a music genre. you guessed it - indie. now i have been trying to jump off the bandwagon about 'paying the genre out'. it was difficult, and it still is, i am trying! but it still bothers me. it's not so much the sound which bothers me anymore, i've ranted already about that, it's the people that listen to that music. now i'm not talking about the real definition of indie music (i.e unsigned artists) - i'm talking about the new definition of indie, as with what emo was once. what bothers me is that people listen to indie music because it is fashionable.

now i have good mates who listen to indie music and genuinely like it, but i can say they always have. however their is the exception besides those few who are on the indie train only because it is fashionable. no-one liked this shit 5 years ago. infact a year ago if you shaved the sides of your head you were a fucking fruit-loop. now every hipster has a 1" cut on the side of their head with a massive mushroom ontop - hey, it's cool!

Indie is a plague and will be crushed just as did emo, punk and pokemon. i just don't want music being ruined because sound no-longer becomes the sales breaker, trend does.

that's whats on my mind christmas morning.

merry christmas,

love max.

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