Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Weeks Round-Up Presented By Sleep Deprivation

Something to do with this odd hour in the morning that gives me fresh ideas. I somehow have the temptation to grab my camera and run outside to take pictures - but that won't be happening. the sprinklers have just turned on. if your unaware of what time i am blogging it is exactly 4:07 am in the morning. indeed i have not slept and i plan to be awake at 10 today.

4am: photo booth on the mac is awesome. don't pretend you don't fucking use it. 

whats been happening with me lately? well besides a cochroach just flying out the air con above me and sky diving onto my bed - below average. it's been a pretty fuck off week. work has been raping my headspace and i've just been getting frustrated with everyone, including my best mate, which is a no no. i find that if i don't have enough time for myself i feel as though every small thing blows up to be something huger than what it really is - i.e small dis-agreements. however in saying that the week ahead has plenty of free days for me to just lay down, relax, and not work. i think that work at the moment is actually affecting my sleeping patterns, dramatically, hence being up so fucking early. and when i am awake all i want to do is smash the drums, play some youtube and hear some music.

the week hasn't been all that shit though. went to the casino 3 days in a row... friday saturday and sunday. and came home a winner. as they say - grinners are winners. and winners come home with at least 4 times the amount they come with, every time.

what's been fucking killing me good this week is A Day To Remember's new album,  What Separates Me From You. this album is talent and is stuck in my head. i feel obligated to play the whole album every time i open up itunes. i definitely think their best songs on this album are Sticks & Bricks, It's Complicated and Better Off This Way. this album will grow on me without a doubt the more i listen to it. give them a chance and hear them out, you won't be disappointed. their old stuff is pretty cool too and you can listen to that here. be sure to check out their old live shows, that shit is gold.
for those who may of noticed i'am buying a new canon camera - and i'm aiming at getting the canon 7D. it has everything i need. 19 autofocus points, 8 fps and 18 megapixels. i think that's a pretty big win! you won't notice a difference in quality in my other pictures as my old canon is still pretty amazing but i will just be able to do more amazing things my other camera can't. and i have some awesome ideas! but that's in the near future.

i'm going to catch up on some well needed sleep, burn some dollars in the city today and go to this christmas party tonight. oh and the first person to guess what that above picture is by commenting below wins a drive down elm street. aahh thats pretty bad. haha.

wish you the best. have a merry christmas. i hope i pass out.


  1. john f kennedy getting popped?

    also if your looking for a 7D make sure you check out www.dwidigitalcameras.com.au
    hell good prices and they are not dodgy at all
    great place to buy lenses too

  2. correct.

    will check it out thanks mate. my dad, who is also a photogrpaher, has given me a list of websites to check-out also so i suppose i have a a bit of a selection to choose from!

    thanks for reading!


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