Thursday, December 23, 2010

Scar The Pages With Permanent Ink

Well here it goes. spent the whole day buying presents, presents & presents! i have no problem with that! but the amount of money people, and i myself included, spend on christmas is a little ridiculous. this is my first year buying presents for family and let me tell you i have a big family! annnddd of course i also bought presents for seans family as i live with them - so it would make sense that i had to buy twice as many presents than anyone!

presents are such a hard thing to buy. i find it very difficult to acquire what one individual wants without them telling you. i now see why parents invented the whole "wish list". but because i don't know what they specifically want i usually spend more because "more is better". well, to be honest, my budget for christmas is $50 per person - it went up by $20 and on some occasions it doubled! so instead of spending  just a little under 500. i spent... *drum roll*.... $735.45... WOOOOO! fuuuuccckkk. but i'm glad i did it - christmas is only once a year and just so happens to be my favourite time of the year so i guess there was nothing wrong with "giving" a little. although i think that 735 dollars would of looked better on my skin.

what a fucking story. anyway to finish up i did a little buying for myself today and that was a tattoo magazine filled with babes covered to their neck in tats. my guilty pleasure. i scarred most the pages with my permanent marker depicting the good and bad ones with such dirty words. a little abnormal but who are you to judge, you are reading this blog. enjoy.

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