Tuesday, December 7, 2010

People Getting Bottled @ Stereosonic

and this would be the only reason i would buy a ticket to go to stereosonic - to bottle attention seeking lunatics. i find it ironic how small people at festivals complain that they can't see but than they go and jump on some twits shoulders only to block out a dozen or more peoples views. i believe a fair trade for this is a good bottling. just as how i believe if you crowd surf the payment is the loss of your shoes. if you block my view at a music festival - i'm going to project something at you. but what's worse than this is fucking idiots climbing up scaffolding dancing like they're rick ashton. get the fuck off.

a job well done is in order for the two tools that lasted up there for some time. the fail-whale at the end there should be banned from music festivals for life for trying to be in with the trend by jumping on the scaffolding nearly taking it all down and killing thousands of innocent punters. women ruin everything.

i think that's me done for the night. i'll write some more verbal shit tomorrow.

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