Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Day Is It?

This week has been a pretty rough one for me — just how i love it. complaining usually isn't me, but this week is the only exception. working everyday for 8 or more hours isn't pleasant, especially for someone who is use to staying at home all day and going out taking pictures! maybe it's the fact i work all through the night and get no day time or maybe it's the fact that tomorrow i have a 14 hour shift and that i am here right now blogging when i should be sleeping! well fuck it!

During the week I work at a very classy restaurant, Perth's premier steak house — The Old Swan Brewery.  I'am a bartender & waiter there and enjoy it very much, the hours can be hectic and the schedules for shifts can be awkward but there are some awesome people there so I enjoy it.

Above is Mark, aka. the beer guy because he brews the beers, in the middle is chef, greg farnan, absolute top bloke and the best chef i know! and on the right is some dude. the legendary tomahawk steak shown above is by far the best thing i've ever put in my mouth (no pun intended) and weighs a massive 2.7 kg! you can buy the tomahawk at $13.50 per 100grams, so just calculate how much 2.7 kg will set you back! the tomahawk comes out with the mammoth bone attached and the chef comes out and carves it up in front of your eyes — it serves 3-4 people.

now that i'm done boasting about where i work and how awesome i am i will give you good people a heads up on some tunes which are new and old but i'm loving right now.
*INDIE ALERT: New tunes which are NOT mainstream. OH-MY-GOD INDIE ORGASM*

A new Social Distortion track off their upcoming album Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes can be heard here. if you love SD as much as i do than you will love drop to your knees and give it gobbies this!

so the other night i went via the city to mt lawley to have dinner and watch movies at a friends house. when i was going through the city i stopped to admire the christmas lights - this has always made me smile for some odd reason, kinda scary really. but anyway me being me the attention seeking whore i facebook'd it on my status (i might aswell of tweeted it too!) and got the usual lame response from miles.

the odd thing is - thats what i was exactly going to do. miles is a dickweed
miles is a dickweed  miles is a dickweed miles is a dickweed. below is the infamous picture
miles was talking about - city lights... amazing. on an iphone camera... terrible.

for my old favourite tunes that i'm going to share with you i have placebo (for what it's worth) and the academy is... (classifieds) - i started listening to placebo after i heard one of their songs on a playstation game about a decade ago and the academy is i picked up from a friend who lent my his ipod about 4 years ago. have so much time for both these bands... placebo rocked the 2010 soundwave. 

this week i'll be getting my camera back from canon as it was in need of a good service & repairing... i also have a new flash for the camera so pretty excited to use that (thanks mum!). as always thanks for checking out my photos and random shit i post up all the time. i do appreciate the recent positive feedback.

oh and the mustache has now gone. :{(
have a good day fuckface.


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