Friday, December 3, 2010

Sally Pick-up Your Glasses

Hi there friends. just a little public announcement to Sally Newman - pick up your fucking glasses. for those who don't know what i am talking about a few weeks back sean & i had a pool party in an attempt to rid of the brewed beers in the fridge... what was left at the scene was these glasses, which belong to sally. 

among other things around the house was my wallet which just happens to be coincidently sitting on my laptop. a friend gave this to me as a present a few months ago - you can pick up these 'mighty wallets' from pigeonhole for like $30. you cannot tare them and they're waterproof... pretty fucked up considering they're made up of some sort of paper material. i think they're pretty awesome and i really do like the 1960s drawings. i've never been so hipster since.

my iphone calendar was buzzing this morning - 9 days until 'No Sleep Til Perth'. have i got my tickets? nope. i'm going to figure out how i'm going to get them, i'm sure they will sell at the door. for those that don't know me at all to well - i hate buying things (especially tickets) online. when i buy things i like to have it than and there. nothing is worse than waiting! opinion of course. this show is going to be awesome with bands such as atreyu, parkaway drive, 3 inches of blood and break even playing!

anyway for those who have noticed i have now added a little 'like' button feature at the top of every post for you to click. just let's me know how many of my friends are liking what i'm posting.

also massive props to friend drummer michael burn & the rest of the band, Village Kid, for winning the slot of being the opening act for when Bon Jovi come to perth on december 8th! this is an awesome achievement! watch below the performance which got them the slot.

keep your heads this friday night everyone. see you tomorrow.

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