Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dr Seuss eats Linkin Park at 78 Records

I had the best tuesday? Well, I know I did. But did you know? no you did not know. what the fuck am I talking about? I don't know! but anyway yesterday was awesome to say the least. had lunch with a friend, attempted to shop but only browsed and than in the last minute bought tickets to linkin park and watched them play.

had lunch at 'tiger tiger' in the city yesterday after much dispute of where to eat. i had a BLT with bacon, chicken and mayo. genevieve had a avocado sandwich? i won't make any comments about the place but the food looked and tasted like shit. as we were done i inconspicuously tried to forget paying the bill. fail.

as a kid at heart - the next place we went to was pretty much a 'fun factory', to me anyway. Dr Seuss exhibition anyone? me please! i'm not one of those 'enjoy a spectacle' type of people but this was different for me. i'd thought i would share the experience with you so i took some snaps for you to look at below.


Some of you may not know - i'am a huge vinyl buff. even though i lack in quantity of vinyls i own, i love them. as we wrecked through 78 records i found almost a truckload of vinyls i wanted to take home! but being pay-day and in the right mind set. i saved and didn't spend a cent. kinda wishing i did!


Yesterday I had to make a hard decision; Linking Park OR Aquabats & Reel Big Fish. Now I was originally just going to go to the Aquabats concert because it was $55 a ticket a capitol as opposed to LP's $145. i suppose i had already seen aquabats once this year and hadn't seen linkin park since 2007 so i believe it was money well spent. of course before the show, being at the burswood dome, i went to the casino. with $20 i made $350 - and than lost it all. i am NOT complaining! but seriously, elliot herne your friend is soooo dumb - i feel dumber listening to him!

the show was hectic. sleepwalker opened for linkin park - sleepwalker is a much heavier band than LP and for some reason i seemed to be the only one enjoying them. when linkin park entered the stage (no dramatic entrance unlike last time) the crowd when rowdy. the moshpit was swaying side to side and kids and girlfriends were getting trampled. let me just say this; if your bringing your girlfriend and kids to a concert, especially one with heavier music, and you don't buy seat tickets - you sir, are a fucking idiot. don't go mad at everyone because your being pushed and shoved... IT'S A MOSHPIT! i seriously cannot believe how many kids were in the mosh. hey man i don't mind kids going crazy, thats fine, but if your going to complain and get angry at moshers.... than that's just silly. also what i fucking hate is fat guys with their shirts off... this guy had an ego way above his head. had tattoo's replicated off of Chester Bennington, had his shirt off and everytime chester spoke would raise his arms in the air and smell the fucking place out. this guy literally had a 50m radius of space around him. no-one wanted to get close. it wasn't even funny - it was fucked.

the day was well spent and the night was awesome. rocked up home with a raging headache and sore legs... the epitome of an awesome night that rocked my world.

anyway here is something to fuck with your mind:

"never odd or even" spelled backwards is "never odd or even"
and i thought "race car" was a nifty palindrome.

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