Sunday, November 28, 2010

girls with ink

have a good smile, a bad-ass attitude, a sense of humour for poor quality jokes and some tattoos and i am all yours to have. i'm thinking of adding some better pictures of my tattoos later.

Mixtape Round-Up

facebook is fucking shit right now. all I see are status' about Stereosonic - fuck stereosonic. i hope you all get sunburnt and dehydrated. 

below is a collection of summer tunes and mixtapes that i have been enjoying this week. a lot are done by amateur DJ's and mixers so expect something new and not the same old shit you hear @ the clubs. smile and listen. cheers cunts.

Lyrics Born - Callin' Out

Wolfmother - White Unicorn

Taio Cruz vs. Ke$ha – We R Dynamite – Stelmix vs. Stonebridge 

(do yourself a favour and skip to 1:02)

Like OMG Baby - DJ Earworm

Matisyahu vs. John Lennon vs. Blink 182 vs. Bob Marley vs. Gentleman – Imagine One Day (so far away)

Love Butterfly (Lady Gaga vs Crazy Town)

Real-life Inivisibility Cloak

Holy Shit. It's real everybody.

I will believe it when i see it.

Girls with Tats & Pirate Bay

I seem to find girls with tattoos so attractive. maybe its the whole idea of having a girl who doesn't care about what others think that turns me on. anyway the reason i'm talking about tats is because i've got my consultation for my sleeve on tuesday... gathering pictures together as we speak. the tattoo won't start until july next year because he is fully booked but thought i'd let you guys know about my little project.

and in some other interesting news - pirate bay ( for torrent downloads will be closing down after the courts sentenced the 3 founders 10 months jail time aswell as a 46million dollar payment to the music industry (reduced from 120 million). that must suck. but, that being said, piratebay makes too much of a ruckus for this to have not happened. never send pirates to do a ninja's job.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fuck Off Friday.

That's the new name for my friday posts. it's kinda kool but at the same time isn't. so i'm not sure wether to keep it in my future blog posts? we will see. oh and see how i replaced the 'c' in cool with a 'k'. DOPE!

'It's Like Bringing A Fork To A Gunfight' Song Compilation Released
My Friday has been pretty shit and haven't really done anything except wake up and feel shit. however I did manage to finally flick through this weeks drum media and read through the summer festivals 2011 guide book - but we will touch on that later. for now my interest is in music; released a free, thirty-five song digital compilation through their Facebook Page called It’s Like Bringing A Fork To A Gunfight. You can download it in two different formats (a 128kbps version and another where most of the songs are 320kpbs for all those audiophiles out there) by simply “Liking” on Facebook.

It's just a massive pop-punk mixtape which shits all over 'punk goes pop'. i would definately recommend downloading this and checking it out. The compilation can be downloaded here

What else smells good this week - paramore. LOL. i actually like them, so fuck off. but seriously what i thought was cool was them playing a cover of 'my hero' (foo-fighters) to the troops in camp what-a-shit-hole.

Hayley Williams - what not to like?

mmm so this week i've been contemplating listening to the new my chemical romance album... not because of the fact that they get bagged the shit out of but because their generally just shit. now dont get me wrong; i loved helena & famous last words... i really did - but the whole posing to be emo in all their videos was a little ridiculous and kinda killed the music for me - sorry but it's the truth. however after much contemplation i did listen to their new song "Na Na Na" and their official video which compliments the song. well, my thoughts? catchy, addictive and awesome. pretty fucking bad ass album. buy this album or for those who wear cheap mondays  torrent this sucker!

so what's happening as I write this? my speakers are going pretty static. i think i've absolutely destroyed these things... so i've lowered the volume to hear less static but the dogs are barking so loud i can't even hear my own music. i would put headphones on but right now im having one of those nights where i don't want anything on - i want to be naked. sean if your reading this; don't look out the window.

mm so i mentioned i picked up the summer festival guide vol. 9 for 2011 - let's have a listen & look at what i think is amazing.

Soundwave 2011 -

well this line-up is fucking amazing... and even though it does target only a specific range of punters the line-up in terms of big names is bigger than ANY festival in 2011... good work AJ! we have a few of my favourites going that i want to see such as 30 seconds to mars, social distortion, millencolin, new found glory, sum 41, third eye blind, mayday parade, we the kings bullet for my valentine. okay so there is definitely bigger bands going than what i have mentioned but wow what a fucking line up! monday 7 march for perth is booked in for me!

Future Music 2011 -

there are some pretty big names going to this concert and i can appreciate that but i don't think this musical festival is for me. we have the chemical brothers, dizzee rascal, pendulum, mgmt, the presets & kesha. what the fuck, kesha? "i dont think this musical festival is for me" to "this music festical is not me at ALL".

No Sleep Til 2010 - 

this is going to be a pretty heavy concert and anyone who likes hardcore, punk and some good music than your a fucking tool if you miss this! pull every excuse out of your ass to wag work to get to this. we have nofx, dropkick murphys, parkaway drive, we came as romans, a day to remember, break evenatreyu and so much more! this line-up is so fucking good. hit it in perth, sunday, 12th december. downside: JOONDALUP ARENA.

that's it for tonight. adding summer tunes up on here i believe about sunday or monday. haven't decided. it will be a big compilation for you to download, check-out and listen. your summer for 2011 is going to be ammaaazzziiiinnnnggggg!

out to bartend. visit me sometime on a friday or saturday night @ the elephant & wheelbarrow on lake st, northbridge.


cheek @ red sea.

above is from last night. alot of guys with mo's and girl's with short shorts. i'm not complaining. hadn't been out in awhile because i've been working alot of night shifts. so grateful to have this night open for once. thanks to aaron webber for the photo.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rise Against

Rise Against are in the studio recording their new album - i'm very eager to hear new music from them. if you didn't catch them at big day out 2010 or haven't heard of rise against prior to this you must of had your ears sewn closed for the last decade. RA is a american punk band that consist of Tim McIlrath (lead vocalsrhythm guitar), Zach Blair (lead guitarbacking vocals), Joe Principe (bass guitarbacking vocals) and Brandon Barnes (drumspercussion). They formed in 1999 and since have released 5 off-the-hook albums. 

Some check-out tracks are:
* Audience of One
* Savior (video above)
* Hero of War
* Swing Life Away
* Give It All
* Re-Education (through labor)

pretty much the whole fucking album is insane and if you give it a listen you will definately be whipped on them. a bit later on in the week i will finally add my summer-music tracks that i've been listening too... i promise they're cool and not 'punk trash'. 

heading out to cheek tonight @ red sea. wish you a sloppy night!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Tattoo; fuck ribs.

got some new ink done by daniel @ holdfast in mt lawley today. he did an amazing job of free-handing and tattooing it up across my left rib-cage. this tattoo has nothing to do with the name of the blog... the tattoo & blog name originated from an alexisonfire song called 'to a friend'. picture below. pretty red-raw so will add a better photo later. why the tattoo? listen to the lyrics and my story is pretty much self-explantory.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Until monday comes

mm okay so i lied. i did state in my most recent post that i wouldn't blog until monday but something interesting came up. i was digging through some files on my computer and found a picture i took at the start of the year - the theme was the fourth album from AFI, black sails in the sunset. never really put it up anywhere so here you go. nothing special, just a little weird, and i love it. click on the image to blow it up, i hate shitty thumbnails. catch you monday duuuudeees.

these are some incredibly indie photos which blow my mind. i love the use of HDR in these shots and the use of lighting. spent an hour or two touching these photos up for fun - i'm stoked with the results. what use to be very flat 8-bit photos are now very detailed 16-bit.

+ to those who are interested whats happening on this blog i will be adding a list of all the summer tunes on my hard drive so your informed on whats cool. will also be introducing some unknown alternative bands for you to check out. umm i'll also be trying to upload some more of my own photography this week, depends when i can get out to do it. anddd lastly... the dude below looks like talon ha ha.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Just a few things this morning I awoke to - light head, sore feet and some new music. Alexisonfire will release a digital bundle featuring covers of Midnight Oil's "The Dead Heart" and The Saints' "I'm Stranded." The cover songs were originally released as an exclusive 7” vinyl during their recent Australian tour. Only 200 copies were made and quickly sold-out on their tour - and I was lucky enough to get a copy signed. 

The Architects new single, Learn To Live, was released last night. In a desperate attempt to let you guys hear it I uploaded it to youtube - only for it to be taken down within an hour for copyright claims. 

T.I. is back with his new album No Mercy. The album will feature guests such as eminem, kanye west, kid cudi and drake. that album is set to drop on the 7th of december - but lucky for you I have the single 'No Mercy' below for listening.

What else have I got? dates to a music festival which does not appeal to me but whatever... Groovin the Moo 2011 dates are confirmed and we are set to see them here on the 14th of may @ Hay Park, Bunbury. Goodluck trekking fuckers. The 2011 lineup will be released early february. *yawn*

Ahhh yes! i have a little something else in santa's bag of goodies which i nearlly forgot to hand out. do you remember The Getaway Plan? Well i certainly didn't but a year and a half after breaking up the melbourne punk rockers have announced they're getting back together. I'm stoked. They come to Perth for a 18+ show at Capitol on the 9th of february. Tickets go on sale thursday december 16.

And if you haven't bought your No Sleep Til Perth tickets than get to it here. i'm yet to get mine but i'll save that until later, im trying to get a media pass for the show! The lineup for no sleep til perth consists of Megadeth, NOFX, Dropkick Murphys, Parkway Drive, Gwar, Alkaline Trio, Frenzal Rhomb, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Suicide Silence, August Burns Red, Katatonia, 3 Inches of Blood, We Came As Romans, House Vs Hurricane, Break Even, Heroes For Hire & Confession. 

that's it for todays blogging - yay. i doubt any new music will come out over the weekend so i may skip blogging for than but sunday i have a piss up @ mine so expect some pictures from that. will be an interesting weekend, i expect nothing less.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Blink 182 Next Year. *derp*

Blink 182 want to deliver their new record in April or May, for release very soon afterward. Read the full update here.
"We have a date for the completion of the album.  We want to deliver the record in April or May, for release very soon afterward.  That’s our goal.  That’s what we’re all working toward.  That being said, the only thing more important to us than getting the record out in that time is getting a GREAT record out.  If it isn’t absolutely ready at that point, we’ll keep working until it is.  But that’s the plan.  Everything is starting to coalesce, and it’s very exciting to begin the next chapter of blink-182."
in other news; mother fucken rainbow fish is a pussy eater.

TMZ are shit, The Aquabats rock

Well, TMZ is good at creating controversy. They currently are causing quite a stir with their article about The Aquabats' frontman tossing a child into the crowd to "crowd surf" (after obtaining permission from his parents). Justified outrage?

Probably not a great idea, but the crowd knew what was going on and the kid was stoked. Fuck it, that kid had the best story at school the next day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

taking back sunday: best places to be a mom

It appears that Adam Lazzara couldn't wait any longer to post a new Taking Back Sunday song. Check out the studio version of "Best Places To Be A Mom" from the band's upcoming album below.

also for those that like free music; MCR is streaming their new album on youtube here.

have a good day.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

new ink soon.

new summer beats

so a fair bit happened overnight in the music world... michael jackson & akon's first official single for the forthcoming album, michael, was released last night and you can listen to it HERE... daft punk seems to have a new song, outlands, leaked off their upcoming album - you can listen to that HERE... Update: Daft Punk has just had a second song leaked off their album, Tron Legacy, Listen to it here... "All I Want" by A Day To Remember is now available for free on itunes and their album 'What Separates Me from You' is available tomorrow on iTunes... Girl Talk has just released his new album, All Day, this morning. You can download it for free HERE... and lastly Yellowcard performs a new song live called 'For You And Your Denial' - which you can watch HERE.
also Apple has promised that tomorrow will see something from iTunes, and that it "will be a day you'll never forget."

Update: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that The Beatles catalog will be coming to iTunes. If you don't already own The Beatles' catalog, you should get on that. They're pretty good I hear. Oh, but for the hype: Giant let down Apple.
as for music news; thats about all i had to say. at the mo i've got a few songs building up on my hard-drive for the spirit of christmas & summer 2011... i will share them shortly.

anddd just as I write this Kanye West has just dropped a new track on his website for his album, G.O.O.D. Fridays.  Chain Heavy is the new track available for free and it features Talib Kweli & Consequence. be a trendy fuckwitt and download it now. 

Quick Links:

if you've got some rad tracks you think i should hear write them here or on my facebook. i will check them and give you some words on them. gonna fire away some new girl talk. have a good day & get crisp in the sun.

Monday, November 15, 2010

sunday @ scotto

last night was my first sunday session away from home in awhile. apologies for the pictures as i didn't have a very steady hand when i started taking the pictures yesterday. few fun portrait snaps of rachel, sean and the man behind harryxtom, thom.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

it's that time again.

i learnt something this week and that is to be original... i perhaps may of stolen a killer joke from dave chapelle and used it on a customer and claimed it as my own and the customer had than proceeded to tell me that the joke i was using was infact stolen from a rather well-known comedian. fuck. anyway so clock off time is up and im ready to leave work. theres usually nothing to do after finishing work when it is 4 in the morning on a saturday. the common option is going home - the other is waiting around in the city for 3 hours whilst you wait for the boys your coaching to wake up and get to school for 7. below are afew pictures i took in the city as we searched for a coffee shop that was open. in other news we were unlucky in finding a coffee shop which was open in the city. although we were successful at getting a coffee at a coffee shop which was closed. how did i manage that? wingardium leviosa. yes that would happen to be a spell from harry potter.

awkward moments with dad

and the answer to the second question is also "i dont know".

Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Friday

good morning. going to spoil you all with a picture i took on my iphone believe it or not using some shitty app called hipstimatic. i took this when i was on my way home riding back from work. for those that aren't aware i work at the Old Swan Brewery (featured in the background) during the week & at the elephant and wheelbarrow on friday and saturday nights.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CK: Eternity

headed into the city today to go shopping for a few essentials such as some underwear. do you know how much two ck trunks cost you? $70! aarghh. im not one to complain but thats a little expensive for some fabric which just hangs over your balls like a curtain, whatever. after burning my eftpos on underwear i headed upstairs to the fragrances section of myer where i bought another box of calvin klein eternity for men. thanks to beauty queen caitlin mcleod for the great wisdom.

i now speak italian

just a quick blog to let you know whats happening...

next week i'll have my camera and i'll be running around places shooting things & people so if you have any suggestions or you want me to take pictures of you or your band or whatever let me know in the comments section below or on facebook. I love taking pictures and its a hobby of mine so its no skin of my nose! ask me, i don't charge. 

i will also be continuing to add music reviews even though it doesnt seem to be a favourite on the polls and aswell as shitty rants about everything and anything. photography being posted on here is just a given because i'll always be doing that. anyway the picture above is of my tattoo i got done afew months ago. i blog everyday so add this page to your favourites.


Perth, Caitlyn, Townsend.

please click on the images to enlarge them. they're much better viewed that way!