Monday, January 31, 2011

Break Even, Perth

Rise Against (End Game)

If you guys aren't already aware from my previous blogs about Rise Against then you would be stoked to know that they're releasing a new album this year. And there is no better news now then RA's new preview of their song called 'Architects'. Check it out on their website (

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alexisonfire Tour

The best thing about seeing alexisonfire play metro fremantle was that they were excited to be back in australia. They played harder then I have ever seen them play before and it was great. Best part of the show was when George swan dived into the crowd. I told him after the show it was sweet and he said all he could think about was not smashing his face on some kids head. below are some pictures from their vans warped tour. enjoy.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coffee Bean Flavoured Spirits

Watching Break Even play, free drinks which taste like coffee beans, these are a few of my favourite things. met mark from break even, talking to the dudes from divide and generally just having a good time. Unfortunately the dudes at oh snap don't like the idea of anyone bringing their own DSLR so I couldn't take any decent pictures so you're going to have to cope with the ones below from my beloved iphone.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy Shit Balls!

On my door step this morning arrived the following; Dogs Blood (alexisonfire) EP 12" Vinyl, Old Crows / Young Cardinals (alexisonfire) 12" Double Vinyl, Two Songs (shad & dallas) 12" Vinyl and the very rare 7" vinyl of blink-182 "they came to conquer uranus" 1995. Pretty excited about these showing up today. So what does this mean to you? absolute shit all. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2004 Rock-It Poster

Look what animal just showed at my door step rolled up in a aus-post package. my most recent ebay purchase, the 2004 Rock-It music festival poster, with the acts of blink-182 and grinspoon. just as a standard rule if it has either two bands on it I must purchase it. i still expect to see my blink-182 'they came to conquer uranus' 12" vinyl this week as well as the Shad & Dallas 'two song' 12" vinyl. hurry the fuck up i want it now.

Off The Wall

Just a quick snap of Cas and Liams shoes as well as my own after a pretty busy night working at the pub. this was taken shortly before a drunk irish couple harassed and sexually assaulted us for doob. it has been a very bland week but nether the less wish me luck for next week. have a great sunday. 

Penny and Lola

Okay so a friend of mine wanted me to give you guys a heads up on a new clothes store opening up February 5. The store is located in Cottesloe and sells some vintage looking clothes as well as some new styles. This store is called Penny & Lola.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New York Here I Come

I'll be knocking on New Yorks door steps in a few years time, however, I got a taste of culture when I went ice-skating today. I will need to improve on this 'skating' business if I am going to be a full-blooded new yorker in a few years time! unfortunately you don't have the privilege of viewing images of me eating shit on the ice. snaps below. and for those who bothered to read my last post this is not my canon camera, that is still at canon being repaired, this is my mates sisters 1000D. still takes solid pictures regardless.

what's also hectic this week is Rise Against' new single, Help Is On The Way, streaming on their myspace here. it's kinda awesome but hasn't got me going crazy - not yet anyway. also architects are streaming their entire album, The Here and Now, on their myspace page here.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Alright so i've been pretty slack with the photography lately and the only reason being is that my camera is stuck at canon being repaired for some bullshit. but mother will pick it up later this week to give it to me to take more snaps. that being said I have no fresh photographer for you, however, I have some snaps that I've been digging lately that I want you to have a look at. also i'm going to start trying to do party snaps for some extra dollar bills so if anyone can hook me up with parties or clubs that are looking for photographers send me there. i'm also wanting to shoot live music & bands so if you know someone or are that someone please hit me up - i am willing to do photography for live artists for free. 

I've been doing a little browsing this week and stumbled among some websites I thought a lot of you would enjoy, (, is one of them. they have some pretty cool things there. a lot of it is holga like photography with cross processing so you're getting that very vintage look. another blog which is real rad and you guys will enjoy is georgia macleods tumblr, (, this is definitely a blog the more fashionable kids would tune in to.

will post more this week and hopefully have some new fresh pictures for you to froth over.