Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sarah Marshman

As you can see from my last few posts I have been doing a lot of portrait work with models and friends. to be honest, I much prefer shooting band promotions and live music but I feel the need never to specify myself as a particular photographer, I want to do everything. I've never really been a fan of photography which is shot in a studio with a seamless white background that is why all my models are positioned in the street. the goal of my photographs is to keep them as natural as possible. the shoot with sarah marshman tonight is what I believe to be some of my greatest work. 

Ezra Pound

189 William St in Northbridge finds you Ezra Pound, a small and simple bar with a vintage cashier and sweet tasting ciders served in jam jars. this post really tells no story but georgia thought this photo I took of her watch whilst she was dining at Ezra Pound was worthy of a new post. 

Georgia Edwards

This is Georgia Edwards. managed to take her photo tonight after very short notice. she was super keen to have this done and I was just as excited. this was shot in the china town of northbridge.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lauren Arthur

Woke up about 1:30 last night and remembered I had to call Georgia to see how she is etc. you know, when you promise your girlfriend something you have to do it, and passing out is not an excuse. subsequently after the quick call I found myself awake and unable to sleep. now when I'm in the sort of the situation it is norm for me to go over old photos and edit them in ways which I think work better then how I previously portrayed them as. however - I felt the need last night to learn some more editing styles and decided to try no other then dave hills illustrative technique. pretty much dave hill is a professional photographer who is paid to turn his pictures into illustrations for commercial purposes. I attempted to replicate that... the lovely lady by the way is Lauren Arthur from a previous shoot.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alicia McSweeney

This is Alicia McSweeney. usually when I put together a portfolio of photographs it is usually done with friends, that being said, I have photographed most of them, and as you know there is starting to be repeats of the same people. I made a casting call for some models to photograph this month so I could bring you guys something different. alicia is a super down to earth girl and has a cheeky side to her personality. although that could perhaps be the works of her crazy friend! this morning started off as a bit of a disaster, I woke up to a phone call from alicia and immediately thought 'fuck, another model is bailing on me' only to be questioned 'where are you? you said 12.30 right'... I was a bit dazzled so I answered 'uh yeah, 12/12.30 yeah?' to which she replied 'its 12:35 right now mister'. yep, so I had slept in. I'm the sort of person who rocks up to events half an hour before it starts. I am late that always sucks. regardless I met up with Alicia and her friend an hour later and went to leederville to take a few snaps.

Do you know your subject? do you know what lighting works best for them? do you know how to keep your subject smiling when your freaking out trying to get a certain result from your camera? this is what I ask myself over and over. there were times when I had to improvise in this shoot because I thought colour would work well with the subject and material that she was wearing - however the available light wasn't in my favour as it was creating highlight throughout my subject. this is when shooting in RAW saves me a life - and then the decision in post-production... black & white or colour? the available light was giving my subject a bad skin tone and simply changing the white balance wasn't a good alternative to compensate for highlights. everything looks good in black and white. the last shot I managed to shoot in colour as it was sheltered from the sun and had light being filled in from my flash to the left. today was a learning curve for me.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Jephasuns

Marty Owens from The Jephasuns contacted me earlier in the week seeing if I was interested in photographing them whilst they were getting their music video shot. I could not resist the offer because I love observing the way music videos are produced and the process in which they are made. that and my love for local bands and music. below is just a sample of pictures I took on the day, will release some more later!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Georgia MacLeod

Georgia is becoming more and more frequent in my blog posts. partly because she is my girlfriend but more so that every snap I take of her turns out to be amazing. I hate repeating the same people in my blog posts as I like to give you something new and different but I can't help put some pretty pictures up even if they are people I have been spamming you guys with. fortunately I have organised a few models in the coming weeks to have their photograph taken to be submitted on this blog to give you some fresh material! can't wait to see what I make of it. and if your the creative type with a psychotic love for reading peoples brains then georgia has a blog which is well worth the look, Off by Heart.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Captain of the Ship

It has been a solid week of study. so much so that I have not even been able to pick up my camera up until wednesday. passing this final exam on monday was crucial so I wasn't able to take photographs that I would of liked and post them up here. fortunately for you I went out wednesday for a catch up with my girlfriend to captain of the ship to have pizzas' and brews with some friends. among the friends was Mitch and his big fuck off Doberman. this week has been pretty hectic and stressful and as luck would have it the tables had turned. got an offer to shoot someones wedding, hardcore band Break Even are keen to have me do their live shows, further earth have got me their promo, drop bears who have just released their new EP want me down to photograph them as well as emails being sent back and fourth from Graham Nixon, the manager of bands such as amity affliction and parkaway! got plenty on my plate but I'm embracing it with a smile.

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Blank Canvas

My photography publication which is due to be released late this month is slowly becoming re-designed and sorted as well as thousands of images that are being scaled down to a select few that I want to feature. pretty excited about this as I must admit there is a lot of satisfaction in designing something that represents you. below is just a random self-portrait I did and blurred out the eyes with half a dozen duplicates of text saying 'a blank canvas', which is the name of my next publication.