Friday, October 29, 2010

Is it appropriate to have "lol" as the title?

You can listen to the entirety Punk Goes Pop 3 here if you want. 

to something more serious: the prettiest woman on earth... LIGHTS! Lights is a Canadian singer-songwriter. she is known for composing and performing synthpop music such as the songs "Drive My Soul", "Ice", "Saviour", "Second Go" and "February Air" and has performed internationally except for fucking here.

Long story- short she's hot, your not.

I'll write up a review of her later. The train has arrived and it's time to bust my balls for work and feed the cougars some lager.


Fuck you, Orlando Bloom.

well if it wasn't LIGHTS the cute canadian singer-songwriter than it might aswell be my second favourite dream girl, miranda kerr.

I have all 15 black & white shots, if you'd like them leave your email in the comments box below and say please. your welcome, 


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jamie's Elsewhere

I'll be blunt: these guys look like typical glamour rock band, or should i say once a band, metro-station. But I'll jump off that bandwagon now and say JE's music rocks! I must say I feel a little awkward discovering these guys on iTunes genius' list afew weeks ago...

Their latest release 'They said a storm was coming' has brought back-alive post-hardcore pop-punk. This band has the same sounding key elects as Enter Shikari & Mayday Parade - in saying that if you don't like hardcore than you won't like this, but if you do than this is a must! If you like punk than you will find yourself enjoying this too!

The band overall is just plain solid. Every band member from the six piece crew is definately pulling their weight. I was personally impressed with the drumming and the vocals, there is an equal balance. The drumming hits home hard while the singing offers a very relaxing sounding aspect to the songs - at no stage do I feel one instrument is over-powering, this album has been well produced and balanced.

This album is fucking addictive. If you’re fans of A Day To Remember, these are the guys for you. The combination of screamo and pop punk has always been satisfying for me.

Reccomended tracks: 
• Seasons
• Mapmaker
• One Foot In The Grave

Definately a band you will start scorning yourselves for not taking the time to listen to these guys earlier. I have earnt even greater appreciation of hardcore.

+ on a final note my new laptop comes in next week so expect more photography uploads and pictures with blogs... Blogging on an iPhone is painful.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why indie music is shit

Now i was going to write up why mainstream country music sucks but Nickelback was saved by most people knowing they’re shit.  First off if you like this  'music' than press backspace and put this blog on your filter because your not going to like this 'review'. I'm just expressing my opinion with others who might share the same opinion as I.

Indie music is the worst. Usually, even if I don’t like a genre of music, I can still understand why some people may like it; not with indie. I've tried different bands and it's the same result. "you should listen to The Decemberists. They’re considered indie and happen to be fantastic." you yell, at your computer screen. Well I have... 
The Decemberists are the biggest pile of shit to come out of music this century.

The singers are awful. They can’t hit notes, and it’s recorded with 70s fake analog distortion that sounds awful.

My dad Malibu Mal played guitar for 2 days and is better than these guitarists. Hey let's play one chord for an entire song! How do you not get bored from this shit? These bands don't even know how to write a chorus or are even able to get to one and even if they do, it’s usually unrecognizable from any of that shit in the song.

Now, songs don’t have to be complex to be good. Sometimes, even if everyone in a band sucks, and the recording quality sucks, at least you can appreciate it as a good demo or idea from a theoretical standpoint but you can’t do that with indie music.

now every salvation army jumper wearing bogan is going to be ripping my music to shreds... Well atleast with a band like Alexisonfire, you can say “well, the vocals are hard to listen to, but they’re amazing technicians and their music is well composed.” At least with Justin Bieber you can say “well, he has great control of his voice even if he has to sing that love-shit-filled music.” But with indie music you can’t say any of that because no parts of it are good. None of them. The only good part of an indie song is when it’s over.

The worst part of indie is the fans. Fuck my left nut from outer space you can't miss these fruit-loops. The clothing they wear.  All those ripped tight ass jumpers that itch like the rash you get at leavers from the salvation army that have emblems from some old sports team. These people ejaculate when they hear their shitty songs they think that no-one has heard but them and thus making themselves feel important. Burn that dirty overpriced Lacoste jumper you bought from pigeonhole and listen to some John Farman. 

I don't shop at dangerfield. Although funnily enough my wallet is from pigeonhole. Awkward. I love pigeonhole for it's cameras and accessories, not so much clothing. Max, stop.

Goodbye. Max

crash love review

so its a monday night and i'm knocking down afew drinks with sean. while his enjoying watching home improvement i'd thought i'd write a review on an album ive been trying to get out there for awhile - afi's crash love.

afi (a fire inside) is a post-hardcore/emo band. three years after the release of afi's previous album, decemberunderground, comes crash love. crash love offers a new sound compared to previous albums such as sing sorrow and decemberundergroud - its a straight ahead rock record. although songs in previous albums had glimpses of achieving this decemberunderground failed to identify its sound with a mix between both new afi and old afi sounds.

afi faced heavy scrutiny from hardcore fans being labeled as 'sell-outs'. often when bands change their sound it is because of usually the same reason - they've had enough of their old shit and they're becoming more mature. obviously fans dont understand that when a band becomes popular that they've been what they are like 10 years prior (with the exception of justin bieber and every 12 year old pop-star). afi's sound has been changing ever since black sails - bands should feel good about making money with new sounding music rather than making money of the same shit they know is going to sell records. at the end of the day if the music is good i'm going to buy it regardless if previous albums were different sounding. afi still keeps their witty and often scary lyrics but has changed the sound to much cleaner guitars without distortions. lead singer davey still keeps his michael jackson moans and drummer adam carson still keeps his off-beat drum fills, all the same but just this time its better produced.

crash love has two stand-out songs 'medicate' and 'beautiful thieves'. both offer insane guitar riffs and strong lead vocals - these two songs definately pull the album to success although songs such as veronica sawyer smokes and too shy to scream are great and both offer awesome guitar riffs and vocals it just lacks appeal to me because it becomes to repeatitive and often because the greatest "skipped" song on my ipod after the 2minute mark.

afi continues to keep what many bands fail to do - they're live performances. they sound exactly like the album and no energy is lost from what i hear through my headphones to what i hear through the amps at soundwave. they've kept whats real and their music is still continuing to evolve - im excited to hear whats next from them i just hope i wont have to wait another three years to hear it.

oh, and a picture to keep you amused. i noticed this is becoming the new blogging trend.


cool bananas.

Friday, October 15, 2010

meeting alexisonfire / dallas green

this week has been so rad. met paramore, alexisonfire, break even and reliant k. managed to grab photos with the bands and also managed to speak with alexisonfire and discuss their upcoming ep (dogs blood) and their intentions for new music.

managed to meet alexisonfire before the show on wednesday night - arrived at metropolis fremantle ridiculously early just to secure myself front of the line like a total freak. as I was awaiting outside metropolis I was notified that two band members were just down the road. ran towards the esplanade and found mr dallas green (lead vocals) and george pettit (lead vocals) - we had a few brief words and than took a picture. 

george mentioned that they would be playing dogs blood at the show. dallas confirmed rumours that he does do a little scream in the song. it was fucking amazing.

break even opened up the show - I was blown away (guy sebastian moment - WAIT - get it?) this is a band for the hardcore lovers such as parkaway drive fans. these guys were full-on moshpit jumping freaks... could not stop me jumping... the bass drum sounded like a fucking canon. I was also very fortunate enough to meet jeremy (vocalist) after the show and exchange words of appreciation. 

chants "a-lex-is" erupted through-out metros, the floor was shaking, glasses with drink were being smashed. wade macneil (lead guitarist, vocals) appeared on-stage and than the rest of the band followed pursuit. they opened up with young cardinals (one of those most popular on the old crows/young cardinals album) with explosive lyrics and guitar riffs. Chris Steele set the tone by constantly drooling over the crowd with such a horrific face. Jordan Hastings (Drums) opened up the chorus with two loud crash cymbals being hit simultaneously. highlights included: some bitch who stole my spot getting smacked in the mouth by another mosher and than me reclaiming my spot. luke middleton crowd surfing and immediately going head-first to the floor (good bloke, wasnt his fault!).  the ep of dogs blood. the crowd singing 'This could be anywhere in the world' and than i'd probally say dallas doing face expressions whenever he hit a high-note on the guitar, WOW!

after the show we all hurled out. my laces are fucked from being trampled on and the back of legs are cramped from jumping up and down. managed to grab myself a copy of the 7inch aussie tour vinyl (only 200 made) and got it signed by the band after the show. 

spoke to the band for a clean half an hour / hour about upcoming music and random shit (mostly tattoos). wade made note that the EP 'Dogs Blood' will be released on iTunes November 5 in AUS & than later on vinyl. 

we than all reminisced soundwave 2010. dallas and wade spoke about how they have only done one acoustic from alexisonfire together as a band (the northern)... WADE: Pretty much our producers said look we need an acoustic song.. acouple of radio stations want you to play live when your down in aust for soundwave so crack something up. Dallas: it worked out well because the first time we had actually played the northern as an acoustic was when we were actually at triple j... and it worked well. so whenever radio stations ever ask us to do acoustic version of a song... we just play this.
during this conversation I asked george why they haven't played 'emerald street' live and his response was very detailed "man, just havent got round to playing it." but than added "but we probally will when the kids get sick of the current setlist". wade than added that after their last show this year in the UK they are heading home to canada for a break for the rest of the year than early next year he is going to costa rica for a little holiday and than they will start writing music again when they feel that they are ready. while wade inhaled for another breath of smoke converstation started with drummer jordan hastings - we spoke of & about our passion for drumming very briefly before their promoter told them to all "get the fuck in the van" to get going. was a great night, thanks boys & see you soon!

be sure to check it out, it is a rad version. if you want to catch alexisonfire on their way out from perth they leave tonight for Tokyo at 10pm so be sure to run to the airport and wank out your cameras. below: whole band pic + excited asian kid.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

paramore arrive to perth

for those who are fans of pop punk music than you would be familiar with paramore and red-headed vocalist hayley williams. managed to suss out what time paramore & reliant k were arriving at perth airport yesterday so grabbed my camera + 2 friends and headed to the airport to give them a warm welcome. among arrival we were the only ones and had thought we were able to grab afew easy shots with us + the band, unfortunately dying fans had arrived and ruined our chance. however hayley williams was very polite and i was able to uphold a conversation as she made a run for her tour bus. there will be more shots coming on monday aswell as (hopfully) a picture of me & hayley.if your unfamiliar with the band check-out their latest album 'brand new eyes' and give singles such as 'ignorance' and 'the only expception' a listen. enjoy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

death of season

one 2 three cheese...

... cake! awkward. 

went to c-restraunt in the perth cbd to celebrate seans 18th, again. ;)
had a blast, took afew happy snaps. props to seans grandma for the pro photo-bombing.


was in mandurah with the boys for mid-semester break. didn't bother to upload snaps of anyone onto this blog so if you were in mandurah and want your picture its on my facebook somewhere. 


haven't got round to uploading any pictures I would of liked to yet due to the absence of a computer but there will be photos coming today!

and just to soapbox - if they're are any musicians out there who would like their photograph taken for $0.00 than hit me up because I want to put together a collection.