Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Among Common Things

Woke up with a sore head and a text message ordering me to do something. now that is done i am fully awake and deeply regretting last night. however upon second reflection i have decided last night was indeed worth it but today @ work i will cop it.

well whats happening right now is this facebook application game featuring a cyanide & happiness dude. and i can't explain to you how ridiculously funny some of the responses are. check out the facebook application here.

what i will be sharing with you guys this morning is an irish american punk band named 'dropkick murphys'. a lot of you will be familiar with these guys but many aren't. id love to see a greater range of irish punk bands because as by example, these produce some awesome material. check out dropkick murphys live @ the lettermen performing 'shipping up to boston'. to those lucky bastards who caught them @ no sleep til perth i salute you.

have a great day.

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