Thursday, December 9, 2010

Music Round-Up

This weeks music round-up is a collection of new songs from both the living and the dead. Michael Jacksons new album which is due to be released on december 13th can be heard and streamed here.

The Architects up-coming album, The Here And Now, will be released in Australia on the 28th of jan next year. if their trailer is anything to go by, it is going to be awesome. check out the trailer below.

The Rolling Stones & MTV have both done 'Top 30 Albums of the Year' with Kanye taking out both positions with his hit 'Power'. Check that out here.

If your fan of The Wombats, and their recent single , Tokyo,  than you might like there acoustic version which they played on 'The 5:19 Show'. Watch it here. Just as a heads up - it's terrible.

Taking Back Sunday have made another video blog while they are in the studio. not sure about you but i'm pretty stoked to hear anything new from these guys. you can check that below.

What's also cool this week is B.o.B has promised to do a Collab with Paramore if he wins a grammy. he already has 5 nominations - let's pray! if b.o.b & hayley williams can cook up aeroplanes than i'm excited to see what the band as a whole can do.

Have a goodnight.

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