Monday, December 27, 2010

I Have The Best Friends

It isn't new years eve yet but i think i will just re-live some of the best moments of 2010. it will be brief, promise. 2010 was the year i moved in with sean, turned 18, started photography, got my first tattoo, got 2 jobs and met new people.

spent christmas day at my cousins with the company with my mother. after a nice lunch i spent the rest of the day down at mandurah with seans family. the lunch/dinner was amazing! the drinking was ridiculous! from the time i got there (about 2?) we started on the moet, kahlua cocktails, jagers and stellas! and we finished about 5 in the morning.

that night i also managed to drop my iphone into the canal while attempting to take some time exposed pictures. funny thing is we have the exact picture as when it happened - and that will come some time later! after 10 minutes i braved the waters and recovered my iphone. i think it's safe to say it's fucked and that i will need to buy the new iphone. it has been a very expensive christmas, but one i have enjoyed! may i add the presents that were bought for me this year were very considerate and everyone hit the nail on the head! i was very happy and flattered and if i were anyone else i probably would of cried! thank you! :)

i would share the rest of what happened in mandurah but i guess thats the experience of being a taggart + 1 haha. what happens in mandurah... yep. stays.

over & out.

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