Thursday, November 11, 2010

i now speak italian

just a quick blog to let you know whats happening...

next week i'll have my camera and i'll be running around places shooting things & people so if you have any suggestions or you want me to take pictures of you or your band or whatever let me know in the comments section below or on facebook. I love taking pictures and its a hobby of mine so its no skin of my nose! ask me, i don't charge. 

i will also be continuing to add music reviews even though it doesnt seem to be a favourite on the polls and aswell as shitty rants about everything and anything. photography being posted on here is just a given because i'll always be doing that. anyway the picture above is of my tattoo i got done afew months ago. i blog everyday so add this page to your favourites.



  1. my friend and i think you should take a photo of the park. i can show you a really cool place i ride to, it really INDIE, i know you hate indie. haha. but you will like it.

  2. very interesting niamh. should i bring my holga?


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