Sunday, November 14, 2010

it's that time again.

i learnt something this week and that is to be original... i perhaps may of stolen a killer joke from dave chapelle and used it on a customer and claimed it as my own and the customer had than proceeded to tell me that the joke i was using was infact stolen from a rather well-known comedian. fuck. anyway so clock off time is up and im ready to leave work. theres usually nothing to do after finishing work when it is 4 in the morning on a saturday. the common option is going home - the other is waiting around in the city for 3 hours whilst you wait for the boys your coaching to wake up and get to school for 7. below are afew pictures i took in the city as we searched for a coffee shop that was open. in other news we were unlucky in finding a coffee shop which was open in the city. although we were successful at getting a coffee at a coffee shop which was closed. how did i manage that? wingardium leviosa. yes that would happen to be a spell from harry potter.

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