Friday, November 26, 2010

Fuck Off Friday.

That's the new name for my friday posts. it's kinda kool but at the same time isn't. so i'm not sure wether to keep it in my future blog posts? we will see. oh and see how i replaced the 'c' in cool with a 'k'. DOPE!

'It's Like Bringing A Fork To A Gunfight' Song Compilation Released
My Friday has been pretty shit and haven't really done anything except wake up and feel shit. however I did manage to finally flick through this weeks drum media and read through the summer festivals 2011 guide book - but we will touch on that later. for now my interest is in music; released a free, thirty-five song digital compilation through their Facebook Page called It’s Like Bringing A Fork To A Gunfight. You can download it in two different formats (a 128kbps version and another where most of the songs are 320kpbs for all those audiophiles out there) by simply “Liking” on Facebook.

It's just a massive pop-punk mixtape which shits all over 'punk goes pop'. i would definately recommend downloading this and checking it out. The compilation can be downloaded here

What else smells good this week - paramore. LOL. i actually like them, so fuck off. but seriously what i thought was cool was them playing a cover of 'my hero' (foo-fighters) to the troops in camp what-a-shit-hole.

Hayley Williams - what not to like?

mmm so this week i've been contemplating listening to the new my chemical romance album... not because of the fact that they get bagged the shit out of but because their generally just shit. now dont get me wrong; i loved helena & famous last words... i really did - but the whole posing to be emo in all their videos was a little ridiculous and kinda killed the music for me - sorry but it's the truth. however after much contemplation i did listen to their new song "Na Na Na" and their official video which compliments the song. well, my thoughts? catchy, addictive and awesome. pretty fucking bad ass album. buy this album or for those who wear cheap mondays  torrent this sucker!

so what's happening as I write this? my speakers are going pretty static. i think i've absolutely destroyed these things... so i've lowered the volume to hear less static but the dogs are barking so loud i can't even hear my own music. i would put headphones on but right now im having one of those nights where i don't want anything on - i want to be naked. sean if your reading this; don't look out the window.

mm so i mentioned i picked up the summer festival guide vol. 9 for 2011 - let's have a listen & look at what i think is amazing.

Soundwave 2011 -

well this line-up is fucking amazing... and even though it does target only a specific range of punters the line-up in terms of big names is bigger than ANY festival in 2011... good work AJ! we have a few of my favourites going that i want to see such as 30 seconds to mars, social distortion, millencolin, new found glory, sum 41, third eye blind, mayday parade, we the kings bullet for my valentine. okay so there is definitely bigger bands going than what i have mentioned but wow what a fucking line up! monday 7 march for perth is booked in for me!

Future Music 2011 -

there are some pretty big names going to this concert and i can appreciate that but i don't think this musical festival is for me. we have the chemical brothers, dizzee rascal, pendulum, mgmt, the presets & kesha. what the fuck, kesha? "i dont think this musical festival is for me" to "this music festical is not me at ALL".

No Sleep Til 2010 - 

this is going to be a pretty heavy concert and anyone who likes hardcore, punk and some good music than your a fucking tool if you miss this! pull every excuse out of your ass to wag work to get to this. we have nofx, dropkick murphys, parkaway drive, we came as romans, a day to remember, break evenatreyu and so much more! this line-up is so fucking good. hit it in perth, sunday, 12th december. downside: JOONDALUP ARENA.

that's it for tonight. adding summer tunes up on here i believe about sunday or monday. haven't decided. it will be a big compilation for you to download, check-out and listen. your summer for 2011 is going to be ammaaazzziiiinnnnggggg!

out to bartend. visit me sometime on a friday or saturday night @ the elephant & wheelbarrow on lake st, northbridge.



  1. Regarding Soundwave 2011.
    You can't miss Fucked Up.
    I personally think they are the best Canadian band at the moment.
    I think this is their first trip to Australia, so no one will know who they are... so see them before everyone is talking about them.

  2. I have to agree that fucked up would be a bad idea to miss. but as canadas best band at the moment... that i can argue with!


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