Monday, November 8, 2010

McDonalds: the rap

the staff at mcdonalds have an IQ no higher than their pay-rate - 10. i say this not because i'm an asshole. and i say this not because i dont have a job there. i say this because everytime i go there and i order something they always ask me... "Is that dine in or take-away?" and I will reply "dining in, thanks you orange hair motherfucker"... perhaps not with the foul language. those are thoughts best kept in our head or on our blog. the time ticks pass... waiting for my burger.. hoping it is longer than 4 minutes so i can pick up a free big mac voucher... but no... the burger comes early, fuck sakes... IN A PAPER BAG! what the fuck, did i not say dine in bitch?

above: sick sketch by me.

to be fair. they have a tough job. theyre stressing on getting those orders done in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. they gotta keep serving people and putting napkins in paper bags and OH LORD the stress. get yo game on macdaddy.

anyway was browsing mcdonalds on youtube today and look what I found...

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