Tuesday, November 16, 2010

new summer beats

so a fair bit happened overnight in the music world... michael jackson & akon's first official single for the forthcoming album, michael, was released last night and you can listen to it HERE... daft punk seems to have a new song, outlands, leaked off their upcoming album - you can listen to that HERE... Update: Daft Punk has just had a second song leaked off their album, Tron Legacy, Listen to it here... "All I Want" by A Day To Remember is now available for free on itunes and their album 'What Separates Me from You' is available tomorrow on iTunes... Girl Talk has just released his new album, All Day, this morning. You can download it for free HERE... and lastly Yellowcard performs a new song live called 'For You And Your Denial' - which you can watch HERE.
also Apple has promised that tomorrow will see something from iTunes, and that it "will be a day you'll never forget."

Update: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that The Beatles catalog will be coming to iTunes. If you don't already own The Beatles' catalog, you should get on that. They're pretty good I hear. Oh, but for the hype: Giant let down Apple.
as for music news; thats about all i had to say. at the mo i've got a few songs building up on my hard-drive for the spirit of christmas & summer 2011... i will share them shortly.

anddd just as I write this Kanye West has just dropped a new track on his website for his album, G.O.O.D. Fridays.  Chain Heavy is the new track available for free and it features Talib Kweli & Consequence. be a trendy fuckwitt and download it now. 

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if you've got some rad tracks you think i should hear write them here or on my facebook. i will check them and give you some words on them. gonna fire away some new girl talk. have a good day & get crisp in the sun.

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