Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 ARIAs & EMAs

what a pile of shit. this years arias was on the same level as carson kressley's sexuality. from speech impediments to birds of tokyo being robbed. it was a shit show.

firstly who puJessica Mauboy as the host? well she did herself well last night when she re-wrote the oxford dictionary by pronoucning "debut" as "de-butt" on multiple occasions. 

in attempt to save the presenters from embarrassing themselves Angus & Julia Stone(d) claimed the award for biggest crack-pipe hippies. going on stage accepting an award whilst being absolutely drug-fucked proved no problem for the duo as they credited all their fans and their dog mikala for helping to make their album such a success! i would show you the footage of all of this - but channel 10 has taken down the video.

in criticism of the awards; what the fuck. why are people still winning awards for singles that were released 2 years ago? I know 'Sia' has not released anything for atleast 12 months! and powderfinger... isn't ANYONE sick of these guys yet? to be honest i'm a little dissapointed John Farnan didn't win an award for "You're the Voice" - i think thats a great song.

It is an awards ceremony right, not a festival - it was a total mess. Who's ideas was the ceremony to be outside? next year i hope to have the ARIAs on top of Uluru. Watching performances was quite a task in itself... there was a crane shot every two seconds... we'd like to see the performers please, not what the staging looks like. 

 It was shit - no word of a lie and I hope heads are rolling because our music industry & performers deserve better and so do the drunk hooligans watching at home. 

Although the ARIAs was a shit-wreck the EMAs were not. Lady Gaga once again killed it - winning 3 EMA Awards for best song, best pop & best female artist. Linkin Park won best live, Thirty Seconds to Mars won best rock and Paramore won best alternative. although with every award show comes every joke, being Ke$ha winning best new act.

The cookie monster has nothing to do with it but the bottom line is that the EMAs kicked ass and the ARIAs sucked. and these cookie monster muffins fucking own.

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