Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rise Against

Rise Against are in the studio recording their new album - i'm very eager to hear new music from them. if you didn't catch them at big day out 2010 or haven't heard of rise against prior to this you must of had your ears sewn closed for the last decade. RA is a american punk band that consist of Tim McIlrath (lead vocalsrhythm guitar), Zach Blair (lead guitarbacking vocals), Joe Principe (bass guitarbacking vocals) and Brandon Barnes (drumspercussion). They formed in 1999 and since have released 5 off-the-hook albums. 

Some check-out tracks are:
* Audience of One
* Savior (video above)
* Hero of War
* Swing Life Away
* Give It All
* Re-Education (through labor)

pretty much the whole fucking album is insane and if you give it a listen you will definately be whipped on them. a bit later on in the week i will finally add my summer-music tracks that i've been listening too... i promise they're cool and not 'punk trash'. 

heading out to cheek tonight @ red sea. wish you a sloppy night!

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