Sunday, November 28, 2010

Girls with Tats & Pirate Bay

I seem to find girls with tattoos so attractive. maybe its the whole idea of having a girl who doesn't care about what others think that turns me on. anyway the reason i'm talking about tats is because i've got my consultation for my sleeve on tuesday... gathering pictures together as we speak. the tattoo won't start until july next year because he is fully booked but thought i'd let you guys know about my little project.

and in some other interesting news - pirate bay ( for torrent downloads will be closing down after the courts sentenced the 3 founders 10 months jail time aswell as a 46million dollar payment to the music industry (reduced from 120 million). that must suck. but, that being said, piratebay makes too much of a ruckus for this to have not happened. never send pirates to do a ninja's job.

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