Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lauren Arthur

Woke up about 1:30 last night and remembered I had to call Georgia to see how she is etc. you know, when you promise your girlfriend something you have to do it, and passing out is not an excuse. subsequently after the quick call I found myself awake and unable to sleep. now when I'm in the sort of the situation it is norm for me to go over old photos and edit them in ways which I think work better then how I previously portrayed them as. however - I felt the need last night to learn some more editing styles and decided to try no other then dave hills illustrative technique. pretty much dave hill is a professional photographer who is paid to turn his pictures into illustrations for commercial purposes. I attempted to replicate that... the lovely lady by the way is Lauren Arthur from a previous shoot.


  1. Hi Max
    kinda of amazed by this
    it looks likes a pencil drawing now
    *totally different* to the original photo
    - George

  2. I really like the re-edit. Really good job for the first attempt!

  3. Thanks George & Angel. Appreciate it very much!



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