Thursday, June 23, 2011

Georgia Edwards

This is Georgia Edwards. managed to take her photo tonight after very short notice. she was super keen to have this done and I was just as excited. this was shot in the china town of northbridge.


  1. Hi Max
    great photos
    love the lighting in the last 2 above and the 2nd last Sarah M pic
    - regarding the whole shadows + light/composition
    I just wondered if it was something you had an idea about
    before the shoot - or it was something that just happened
    there and then as you were taking photos
    - George

  2. Hi George,
    The lighting is something I've always had an idea of when taking the photograph etc. I have an off camera flash so I am able to manipulate the light however I like. Composition is still something i haven't really planned - most of the time I walk around with my models, find something that could work out and snap away. How they position themselves is still quite fresh for me so I'm still learning how to compose a model etc.


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