Saturday, June 11, 2011

Captain of the Ship

It has been a solid week of study. so much so that I have not even been able to pick up my camera up until wednesday. passing this final exam on monday was crucial so I wasn't able to take photographs that I would of liked and post them up here. fortunately for you I went out wednesday for a catch up with my girlfriend to captain of the ship to have pizzas' and brews with some friends. among the friends was Mitch and his big fuck off Doberman. this week has been pretty hectic and stressful and as luck would have it the tables had turned. got an offer to shoot someones wedding, hardcore band Break Even are keen to have me do their live shows, further earth have got me their promo, drop bears who have just released their new EP want me down to photograph them as well as emails being sent back and fourth from Graham Nixon, the manager of bands such as amity affliction and parkaway! got plenty on my plate but I'm embracing it with a smile.


  1. love that first photo so much
    all the colours + shadows/light + contrasts going on
    ... and then you notice the dog has sunglasses on!!

    sounds like a lot of great stuff is about to happen
    looking forward to seeing the results (esp Break Even)
    - george

  2. Thanks mate, looking forward to doing the break even stuff as well. talking to their record manager Graham Nixon and front man Mark Bawden about doing their photos after their show with Rise Against here in July so won't be for another month probably but all very exciting!

    Not sure where you got the gallows reference from, not very familiar with them - haven't really given their music a chance.


  3. I know those photos will be awesome - looking forward to seeing them

    I know some people like to use song lyrics as post titles
    I thought it might be a play on the lyric from ABANDON SHIP
    I knew it was either 'I'd picked up on a subtle reference or 'fall flat on
    your face moment (yep) ... I think you might like them
    HERE is that song

    ... that first photo is still blowing me away(!)


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