Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Georgia MacLeod

Georgia is becoming more and more frequent in my blog posts. partly because she is my girlfriend but more so that every snap I take of her turns out to be amazing. I hate repeating the same people in my blog posts as I like to give you something new and different but I can't help put some pretty pictures up even if they are people I have been spamming you guys with. fortunately I have organised a few models in the coming weeks to have their photograph taken to be submitted on this blog to give you some fresh material! can't wait to see what I make of it. and if your the creative type with a psychotic love for reading peoples brains then georgia has a blog which is well worth the look, Off by Heart.


  1. Ah, such great photos, she's beautiful! :) Her eyes are wondrous!

  2. hey Max
    where's the *original* pic gone?!!!
    (straight hair - hand near mouth)
    I'm really quick at viewing posts but real slow
    at posting comments(!!)
    really loved that shot - a really nice split
    second moment captured

    you don't need to ever apologise for repeating the subjects of your
    photos - your photos are always so different it's like it's someone
    else - or rather a whole new facet being revealed

  3. Thanks Annie and George.

    George I did like that photo but didn't want to take away from these twos which I had shot just after I did that photo! and didn't want to create ANOTHER post of Georgia after one of her! So I decided to take it off... haha.

    I'm glad you don't mind people being shown up again every now and then. been putting out casting calls for new models so shall being seeing new faces in the next week or so!


  4. thanks for explaining - I was like 'I'm sure there
    was a different photo there originally!!'

    love the colours in the background of these 2
    (I guess it's autumn there) adds a real warmth
    and Georgia looks kinda sad/pensive - it's a nice

    - George


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