Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alicia McSweeney

This is Alicia McSweeney. usually when I put together a portfolio of photographs it is usually done with friends, that being said, I have photographed most of them, and as you know there is starting to be repeats of the same people. I made a casting call for some models to photograph this month so I could bring you guys something different. alicia is a super down to earth girl and has a cheeky side to her personality. although that could perhaps be the works of her crazy friend! this morning started off as a bit of a disaster, I woke up to a phone call from alicia and immediately thought 'fuck, another model is bailing on me' only to be questioned 'where are you? you said 12.30 right'... I was a bit dazzled so I answered 'uh yeah, 12/12.30 yeah?' to which she replied 'its 12:35 right now mister'. yep, so I had slept in. I'm the sort of person who rocks up to events half an hour before it starts. I am late that always sucks. regardless I met up with Alicia and her friend an hour later and went to leederville to take a few snaps.

Do you know your subject? do you know what lighting works best for them? do you know how to keep your subject smiling when your freaking out trying to get a certain result from your camera? this is what I ask myself over and over. there were times when I had to improvise in this shoot because I thought colour would work well with the subject and material that she was wearing - however the available light wasn't in my favour as it was creating highlight throughout my subject. this is when shooting in RAW saves me a life - and then the decision in post-production... black & white or colour? the available light was giving my subject a bad skin tone and simply changing the white balance wasn't a good alternative to compensate for highlights. everything looks good in black and white. the last shot I managed to shoot in colour as it was sheltered from the sun and had light being filled in from my flash to the left. today was a learning curve for me.


  1. Hi Max

    what I like about the first photo is that even though the background and her are
    similiar levels of brightness - she is still at the forefront and what your eye is
    drawn to immediately - clever stuff ... love the light on the left hand side of her

    like the use of the wall with her jumper in the last photo - great colours

    she kind of reminds me of Kim Gordon crossed with Laura Palmer(!)

    liked you writing all the thoughts going through your head(!!)
    that sounds familiar
    photography - you'd never guess it was something done for enjoyment(!)

    - George

  2. Yes and I agree. I am still at the stage where I am enjoying photography because I'am doing what I want with it. I haven't found a hate for any sorts of photography yet just as long as I can portray it in my own way. I've started to do a little bit more portrait photography even though I want to do a lot of band work because I feel I need to learn all the assets of types of photography before I move on. Thanks George, appreciate it.



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