Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time Stands Still

Took this photograph when I was out and about with Georgia on thursday. was going through photos before deleting them off my computer and decided on second review that I liked this photo. would of been nice if that building in the background wasn't there so there was more contrast but I suppose you get what your given.


  1. hi max
    as ever your photos are killing me

    Georgia Macleod
    pic 1 for the contrast colour-wise between subject/background
    pic 2 *everything* how the light in her hair just draws you in ...
    the background - the whole thing is so good it puts me off even
    wanting to take photos (offstage) as I don't think I could ever
    achieve greatness like this(!)

    Lauren Arthur
    pic 1 especially - love the whole framing of it/background + just
    the natural-ness feel to it
    ... really like the car shot too

    The Crows
    I'm glad the building in the back is there - really like all
    the angles the picture throws up - and captured at the
    perfect moment ... the in-flight crow draws you in and then
    you notice the other one ... real glad you didn't delete it!

    I really like the style you've got when photographing
    people - I'm really looking forward to seeing what the
    results will be like when your subjects are on a stage
    - george

  2. Hi George,

    I'am always excited to hear your response and have always felt so good about myself when reading yours and others comments.

    A lot of things that give my pictures strength are the settings I use on my camera to give vibrance or colour to my subject. These are things like playing around with the white balance. Unfortunately with live gigs white balance is something which is hard to use to your strength. I'am wanting to do live gigs just keep getting shafted whenever a gig arises.

    As with Lauren Arthur's photos, thank you. I try to keep all my subjects when being photographed very natural. Generally when I shoot people and they know their photo is being taken they do all these weird facial expressions and poses that don't look right. So I usually start taking snaps when they are 'preparing' for the picture or talking to me. (cheeky I know!) and I haven't done much modeling photography before so I don't really know how to position people yet.

    The Crows was a really odd shot. was just walking through an alley way with Georgia and saw the bird hover and quickly snapd it. After hearing your perspective of the buildings I'm kinda glad it is there. You are completely right wheny ou say the angle of the building gives it a whole different dimension.

    Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them!


  3. hi max
    you're welcome - totally deserved

    that 2nd Georgia photo is still doing my head in - so.damn.perfect.
    ... something for me to strive for though(!!)

    I know what you're saying - I find live photography both frustrating
    and rewarding - but I guess that's what makes it enjoyable - if it was
    easy it'd become boring. I just like seeing how other people approach
    live photography ... the angles/framing ... the whole composition and
    the shots they go for - that's why I'm interested in what you will
    do - especially after seeing how you approach off-stage subjects
    ... I know about getting shafted, that's why a lot of the time I
    just take my camera in at small gigs and take photos from the crowd
    - not good when it's someone like DEATH CAB who I'd like to take
    photos of - but know how it will play out (but might still try)

    I took last week ... (Summer Camp ones are not that good - I only really like pics 2/3)

    - george


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