Monday, May 9, 2011

A Day To Remember

Had a photo shoot with Lauren Arthur today in mt lawley - walked past the astor theatre where a day to remember were due to be playing that night. ran into the boys of ADTR and grabbed a head shot of Alex Shelnutt (drummer) as we were passing by. the show was amazing and my head is aching.


  1. great pics - love how you always get pics with your fave bands
    ... wish more people would do it ... like how alex is doing the
    thumbs up (like you'd expect the fan to do) ... nice shirt btw
    (breakeven) - just found it online! ... and thanks to you wearing
    it ... discovered a new band(!!)

  2. Hey George,

    Yeah it seems people are 'too cool' to have their photographs taken with the bands/idols. love music and play music myself so meeting the dudes that make me smile that extra bit more means everything to me... and also getting to know there gives you a whole different perspective and enjoyment listening to their music.

    Break Even is an amazing hardcore band in perth (where I live) and I'm stoked you've found a new band thru me! haha. pretty sure we share the same music taste by going thru your blog, rad!

    Thanks dude.



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