Monday, May 9, 2011

Georgia Macleod

Georgia and myself have been meaning to hang out for a while now and when it came to actually organising it we came to the conclusion of wanting to do something a little different and adventurous. so at exactly at 9:13 am in the shivering cold we met up at the fremantle platform in the city train station before making the quick trip for the old abandoned power station located in south fremantle. upon arrival of the power station we explored the basement of the station and lurked the tunnels and among other things such as making animal noises and howling wolves before settling down on the second floor over looking the oceanic view smashing down champagne and smirnoff.  a pretty good day. and if I can highlight one thing that I learnt today it is that champagne bottles do not break when thrown at a wall at tremendous speeds. 

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