Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New York Here I Come

I'll be knocking on New Yorks door steps in a few years time, however, I got a taste of culture when I went ice-skating today. I will need to improve on this 'skating' business if I am going to be a full-blooded new yorker in a few years time! unfortunately you don't have the privilege of viewing images of me eating shit on the ice. snaps below. and for those who bothered to read my last post this is not my canon camera, that is still at canon being repaired, this is my mates sisters 1000D. still takes solid pictures regardless.

what's also hectic this week is Rise Against' new single, Help Is On The Way, streaming on their myspace here. it's kinda awesome but hasn't got me going crazy - not yet anyway. also architects are streaming their entire album, The Here and Now, on their myspace page here.

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