Thursday, January 13, 2011

Break Even

Holy shit!

every week at Oh Snap is going to be gnarly, that's a given. the next few weeks drinks will be flowing, hands will be in the air, the mosh will be plenty, mics will be grabbed and dinosaur heads will possibly be stolen from back stage and used as a surf crowd peripheral.

Break Even are heading oversea's for a while, so consider the 27th of february their last show on the west coast for a long time. you know how good this show is going to be. stand at the back like a bitch and cross your fingers that they play something off 'Young At Heart'.

valentines day is one of those where you're in either one of two categories: single or taken. luckily for those who are single oh snap will be having perfect match making competitions on stage where you could score a lovely date with Mr Ben Steele. Stroke his beard over a nice wine and movie or perhaps meet his parents in a bid to anchor yourself with him forever. there will be kissing booths (on the cheek, perverts!) for those who are even less fortunate to not score the big prize. the venue will be dressed up like a school prom so dress accordingly, dykes. oh and Hearts Awake from nsw will be jamming so that's pretty cool in itself aswell.

well this has been a wonderful promo on my behalf of Oh Snap @ black bettys every thursday night. sit tight, have a smoking hot day.

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