Saturday, January 1, 2011

Living ain't Sleeping

What a week. a schedule which was unplanned and unexpected. it's amazing how you can stick to a plan and how fast it can rapidly unfold. i am talking about buying a new phone, dad coming over east to visit, working new years eve, seeing old friends, everything.

this is Denise, a mad german at my work. we all love her but sadly she has her last shift tonight. 

this week week dad visited me. he gave me this really rad book on photography and has about 1000 pages of just real artistic photos and none of this modern day hipster shit. it sits by my bed side and i've had a real decent flick of it and i'm so keen to get a credit card and just buy my camera outright now. that night we went to the raffles and had a few drinks. as always, when going to the raffles you must try out their cocktails - they're the best... especially the Toblerone!

now i'm flicking through my summer festival guide of 2011 and trying to search for my anticipated acts i can't wait to see. and sadly, it's just Soundwave. i mean, let's be fair, they have 30 seconds to mars, social distortion, new found, third eye blind, fucked up, mayday parade, iron maiden. they've got a line-up which is pissing on the president .

thinking about writing up what was good about 2010 and what is up for 2011. not now, but some other time when i write p my next blog post this week. and also wanting to put more photography up so please don't get to impatient.

for those who are interested Lady Gaga will be releasing her new album, Born This Way, on May 23rd. the first single will be released on February 13th. Thursday has played a new song live called 'Turnpike Divides' at their Starland Ballroom show. Watch it below.

 thanks again for reading. i do appreciate the emails i get with questions. please continue to send them or in the comments below. i like hearing what you think. that's it for today. make sure you check out this. best thing about that show.


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