Sunday, January 16, 2011


Alright so i've been pretty slack with the photography lately and the only reason being is that my camera is stuck at canon being repaired for some bullshit. but mother will pick it up later this week to give it to me to take more snaps. that being said I have no fresh photographer for you, however, I have some snaps that I've been digging lately that I want you to have a look at. also i'm going to start trying to do party snaps for some extra dollar bills so if anyone can hook me up with parties or clubs that are looking for photographers send me there. i'm also wanting to shoot live music & bands so if you know someone or are that someone please hit me up - i am willing to do photography for live artists for free. 

I've been doing a little browsing this week and stumbled among some websites I thought a lot of you would enjoy, (, is one of them. they have some pretty cool things there. a lot of it is holga like photography with cross processing so you're getting that very vintage look. another blog which is real rad and you guys will enjoy is georgia macleods tumblr, (, this is definitely a blog the more fashionable kids would tune in to.

will post more this week and hopefully have some new fresh pictures for you to froth over.

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