Monday, January 3, 2011

Musical Relapses

I think we all have them - we must. you know? hearing a song back in the 90s. forgetting it completely than hearing it on the radio randomly when your in a taxi and you have to get shazam out to discover who plays that rad tune. i call these musical relapses.

What made this week so special was the fact that this happened to me twice! thats like getting laid by two different chickie babes in the same week. eyyeee karuummbaa!

Spin Doctors are an alternative rock band from new york. they're best known for their 90s singles, especially my favourite, "Two Princes". this song goes down in my list of favourite guitar riffs of all time. it is not far behind grinspoons' chemical heart.

I seem almost a little biased discussing my next relapse. canadian singer-songwriter Tal Bachman. why? not because he is canadian.  sadly, he is only known for his 90s single "She's So High".

i know you've all heard them. i hope i have made your week that slightly better! also if your into the hardcore crap like i am than be sure to check out my pick of the week; A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black and White - Underoath. the only discovery one could make by watching pornographic material. 

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