Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why indie music is shit

Now i was going to write up why mainstream country music sucks but Nickelback was saved by most people knowing they’re shit.  First off if you like this  'music' than press backspace and put this blog on your filter because your not going to like this 'review'. I'm just expressing my opinion with others who might share the same opinion as I.

Indie music is the worst. Usually, even if I don’t like a genre of music, I can still understand why some people may like it; not with indie. I've tried different bands and it's the same result. "you should listen to The Decemberists. They’re considered indie and happen to be fantastic." you yell, at your computer screen. Well I have... 
The Decemberists are the biggest pile of shit to come out of music this century.

The singers are awful. They can’t hit notes, and it’s recorded with 70s fake analog distortion that sounds awful.

My dad Malibu Mal played guitar for 2 days and is better than these guitarists. Hey let's play one chord for an entire song! How do you not get bored from this shit? These bands don't even know how to write a chorus or are even able to get to one and even if they do, it’s usually unrecognizable from any of that shit in the song.

Now, songs don’t have to be complex to be good. Sometimes, even if everyone in a band sucks, and the recording quality sucks, at least you can appreciate it as a good demo or idea from a theoretical standpoint but you can’t do that with indie music.

now every salvation army jumper wearing bogan is going to be ripping my music to shreds... Well atleast with a band like Alexisonfire, you can say “well, the vocals are hard to listen to, but they’re amazing technicians and their music is well composed.” At least with Justin Bieber you can say “well, he has great control of his voice even if he has to sing that love-shit-filled music.” But with indie music you can’t say any of that because no parts of it are good. None of them. The only good part of an indie song is when it’s over.

The worst part of indie is the fans. Fuck my left nut from outer space you can't miss these fruit-loops. The clothing they wear.  All those ripped tight ass jumpers that itch like the rash you get at leavers from the salvation army that have emblems from some old sports team. These people ejaculate when they hear their shitty songs they think that no-one has heard but them and thus making themselves feel important. Burn that dirty overpriced Lacoste jumper you bought from pigeonhole and listen to some John Farman. 

I don't shop at dangerfield. Although funnily enough my wallet is from pigeonhole. Awkward. I love pigeonhole for it's cameras and accessories, not so much clothing. Max, stop.

Goodbye. Max


  1. i now understand why you don't like indie music. but nothing beats justin bieber ;)

    - Anonymous

  2. Indie Music:
    A group or clique that is the definition of pure unadulterated suck age.
    Indies listen to different music every day of the week.
    There will always be one kid who hangs out with the indie clique until the group thinks he’s a psychopath just because he doesn’t care about their shitty music, doesn’t dress like them, and so they outcast him and the common bond that ties indie kids together is talking about that person behind their back.

    Indie is fake, they’re not about the music, they’re all about the scene. Nobody in an indie clique actually understands anything about music theory so their opinions about music are literally null to anyone else.

    Indie is shit, indie is garbage, indie is not the new punk movement.
    If you get angry at all or lose your cool with the indie kids they will slowly but surely outcast you.

    Indie kids all want to start bands but they all disagree and have so many different and pretentious musical tastes that anything a group of these so called indie kids makes ends up sounding like shit.

    Even the bands that indie kids listen to which are bands like Mogwai, Frightened Rabbit etc. think indie sucks, because it’s a fruitless movement a waste of time.

    The people that make the music that the indie kids listen to are usually the types of kids that the indie cliques out casted and forgot about, because they weren’t cool enough.

    That is the fatal flaw of indie.

    Indie as in independent?
    It is everywhere. It’s more mainstream than pop!

    And how boring is it...every single band sounds exactly the same! It’s supermarket music...how do you listen to it without falling asleep??

    With the Indie Scene it’s all about how they always think their music is so great yet its utter tripe.
    Madonna rocks harder than most of these bands! and she’s a 90 year old pop star!

    Almost all of the indie nonsense is downright meaningless rubbish. They all dress and look the same.

    Indie music is a fad. Once an Indie band becomes cool, the little clique drop the bands like hot potatoes, just look at REM or even U2!

    Indie music is not about the srtists, it is about the pretentious people that listen to it. They claim to have heros such as Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd etc... These are all guys who are going to be remembered for making a big mark on music, but above all else, made truckloads of money.

    Who will be remembered from this crappy pretentious indie music downward spiral?

    Indie kids could usually name five hundred bands you've never heard of without breaking a sweat.

    The problem is, the bands they mention are almost all shit.
    Indie kids get all up in arms when major corporations shut down things like Indie music tv shows or radio shows, what these idiots fail to realise is that the conglomerates are not shutting them down because they are trying to repress their culture, they are shutting them down because nobody fucking listens to them.

  3. I like this comment so fucking much!


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