Friday, October 15, 2010

meeting alexisonfire / dallas green

this week has been so rad. met paramore, alexisonfire, break even and reliant k. managed to grab photos with the bands and also managed to speak with alexisonfire and discuss their upcoming ep (dogs blood) and their intentions for new music.

managed to meet alexisonfire before the show on wednesday night - arrived at metropolis fremantle ridiculously early just to secure myself front of the line like a total freak. as I was awaiting outside metropolis I was notified that two band members were just down the road. ran towards the esplanade and found mr dallas green (lead vocals) and george pettit (lead vocals) - we had a few brief words and than took a picture. 

george mentioned that they would be playing dogs blood at the show. dallas confirmed rumours that he does do a little scream in the song. it was fucking amazing.

break even opened up the show - I was blown away (guy sebastian moment - WAIT - get it?) this is a band for the hardcore lovers such as parkaway drive fans. these guys were full-on moshpit jumping freaks... could not stop me jumping... the bass drum sounded like a fucking canon. I was also very fortunate enough to meet jeremy (vocalist) after the show and exchange words of appreciation. 

chants "a-lex-is" erupted through-out metros, the floor was shaking, glasses with drink were being smashed. wade macneil (lead guitarist, vocals) appeared on-stage and than the rest of the band followed pursuit. they opened up with young cardinals (one of those most popular on the old crows/young cardinals album) with explosive lyrics and guitar riffs. Chris Steele set the tone by constantly drooling over the crowd with such a horrific face. Jordan Hastings (Drums) opened up the chorus with two loud crash cymbals being hit simultaneously. highlights included: some bitch who stole my spot getting smacked in the mouth by another mosher and than me reclaiming my spot. luke middleton crowd surfing and immediately going head-first to the floor (good bloke, wasnt his fault!).  the ep of dogs blood. the crowd singing 'This could be anywhere in the world' and than i'd probally say dallas doing face expressions whenever he hit a high-note on the guitar, WOW!

after the show we all hurled out. my laces are fucked from being trampled on and the back of legs are cramped from jumping up and down. managed to grab myself a copy of the 7inch aussie tour vinyl (only 200 made) and got it signed by the band after the show. 

spoke to the band for a clean half an hour / hour about upcoming music and random shit (mostly tattoos). wade made note that the EP 'Dogs Blood' will be released on iTunes November 5 in AUS & than later on vinyl. 

we than all reminisced soundwave 2010. dallas and wade spoke about how they have only done one acoustic from alexisonfire together as a band (the northern)... WADE: Pretty much our producers said look we need an acoustic song.. acouple of radio stations want you to play live when your down in aust for soundwave so crack something up. Dallas: it worked out well because the first time we had actually played the northern as an acoustic was when we were actually at triple j... and it worked well. so whenever radio stations ever ask us to do acoustic version of a song... we just play this.
during this conversation I asked george why they haven't played 'emerald street' live and his response was very detailed "man, just havent got round to playing it." but than added "but we probally will when the kids get sick of the current setlist". wade than added that after their last show this year in the UK they are heading home to canada for a break for the rest of the year than early next year he is going to costa rica for a little holiday and than they will start writing music again when they feel that they are ready. while wade inhaled for another breath of smoke converstation started with drummer jordan hastings - we spoke of & about our passion for drumming very briefly before their promoter told them to all "get the fuck in the van" to get going. was a great night, thanks boys & see you soon!

be sure to check it out, it is a rad version. if you want to catch alexisonfire on their way out from perth they leave tonight for Tokyo at 10pm so be sure to run to the airport and wank out your cameras. below: whole band pic + excited asian kid.


  1. dude ur so lucky i cant wait to see dallas myself man

  2. yea man i was pretty keen on having a chat with him. everyone has always said he was a down to earth guy and he is.

  3. do you sell or trade your aussie tour 7"?

  4. sorry mate it's not for sale. I have seen these get sold for about $200 and because this one is signed by the whole band I could imagine it'd almost twice as expensive. but this item is for me and is not for sale sorry.


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