Sunday, October 10, 2010

paramore arrive to perth

for those who are fans of pop punk music than you would be familiar with paramore and red-headed vocalist hayley williams. managed to suss out what time paramore & reliant k were arriving at perth airport yesterday so grabbed my camera + 2 friends and headed to the airport to give them a warm welcome. among arrival we were the only ones and had thought we were able to grab afew easy shots with us + the band, unfortunately dying fans had arrived and ruined our chance. however hayley williams was very polite and i was able to uphold a conversation as she made a run for her tour bus. there will be more shots coming on monday aswell as (hopfully) a picture of me & hayley.if your unfamiliar with the band check-out their latest album 'brand new eyes' and give singles such as 'ignorance' and 'the only expception' a listen. enjoy.

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