Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jamie's Elsewhere

I'll be blunt: these guys look like typical glamour rock band, or should i say once a band, metro-station. But I'll jump off that bandwagon now and say JE's music rocks! I must say I feel a little awkward discovering these guys on iTunes genius' list afew weeks ago...

Their latest release 'They said a storm was coming' has brought back-alive post-hardcore pop-punk. This band has the same sounding key elects as Enter Shikari & Mayday Parade - in saying that if you don't like hardcore than you won't like this, but if you do than this is a must! If you like punk than you will find yourself enjoying this too!

The band overall is just plain solid. Every band member from the six piece crew is definately pulling their weight. I was personally impressed with the drumming and the vocals, there is an equal balance. The drumming hits home hard while the singing offers a very relaxing sounding aspect to the songs - at no stage do I feel one instrument is over-powering, this album has been well produced and balanced.

This album is fucking addictive. If you’re fans of A Day To Remember, these are the guys for you. The combination of screamo and pop punk has always been satisfying for me.

Reccomended tracks: 
• Seasons
• Mapmaker
• One Foot In The Grave

Definately a band you will start scorning yourselves for not taking the time to listen to these guys earlier. I have earnt even greater appreciation of hardcore.

+ on a final note my new laptop comes in next week so expect more photography uploads and pictures with blogs... Blogging on an iPhone is painful.



  1. You should write a review on Justin Bieber and his legendary music. :)

  2. Maybe something a little alternative? Might give it a go... Could be interesting.


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