Monday, April 11, 2011

City & Colour

Caught Dallas Green at perth domestic airport.

Moments before we greeted him he ran into the toilets to do whatever he had to do. feeling a little uneasy following him we waited patiently. after he had finished his business we shook hands and had a small discussion before getting some things signed and leaving with a happy snap. city & colour play at the astor theatre tonight.


  1. great photos - being in B+W adds a lot to them ... I like that you go to the airport - real good thing to do - hope you got the photo-pass for the gig - off topic, cool shirt - where's it from?

  2. got majorly fucked around about the media pass for the gig. I had permission to shoot the event from the band manager and the theatre but the promoters claimed they never got an email from the people I was shooting for and then when they found the email it was too late. kinda bummed.

    t-shirt I can't be to sure about it as i found it and cut the sleeves off it. haha.

  3. that sucks - I'd hoped you'd got it - I got messed around with
    Silversun Pickups ... I e-mailed months before asking about
    taking photos at a small (400) gig - I'd explained what it was for
    - they said fine e-mail nearer the time - which I did - then they
    never replied back when they found out it wasn't for a 'major
    publication ... (like all press ISN'T GOOD) ... they could have
    just said no in the first place - I had explained everything - it's
    not like I was trying to deceive them ... I think a bad move on
    their part, it's not like they made it big in the Uk anyway
    ... thanks for the shirt update!

  4. ah that's so cool.
    How on earth did you find what flight he was on?

  5. Thanks George. I had emailed months in advanced as well then they asked me to email them a week before the show, did that too. everything was okay until yesterday when she said they hadn't received an email from the editor. that's unfortunate for you, sucks bad. what was funny was that there were just spectators at the show last night with dslr's... I could of just brought mine anyway... your welcome.

    Angel I saw he had a show in adelaide last night so he would be coming to the airport the next day which was the day of the show in perth. there were 2 flights... one at 6am in the morning and one at lunch... would presume after having a big night you'd take the lunch flight. and he did. :)


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