Monday, March 7, 2011

Captain of the Ship

Was out this morning hanging with the crew at Captain of the Ship (C.O.T.S) and the big boss Joel Hinton. The guys down there are some of the raddest and down to earth people you will ever meet and I am glad I'am getting to know these guys. the day was set just right with beef jerky, twisties and beers compliments of the captain himself. below are the pictures. I didn't get as many as I would of liked but these things happen when your having a good time.

also for those who read this blog and aren't aware I've set up a facebook page for those who would like to recommend and show their appreciation for my posts & pictures here. it only takes a second so please like it @ Max Fairclough Photography. and for those who would like to join the captain of the ship street team (C-Rats) then click on the above link and write on the wall. Cheers! Ahoy!

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