Monday, March 14, 2011

Gypsy Head Tattoo

Hey guys no photography for you today but something a little different that I want to share with you. Below is a gypsy head outline I've been wanting to get tattoo'd on me for ages. a guy called sam phillips has sketched it up and is in the process of colouring it in. I think it's really rad and I reckon will look good when I get it tatt'd at the back of my arm sometime in the next month or two when I've finished paying for my flights, sold my car, bought a new camera etc. The head is that of lights poxleitner and the script is from a song called 'Happiness by the Kilowatt' by alexisonfire and it is based on a short-story by some fucked up dude. just google it. Update: Yo just got sent the full-colour version this morning and it rocks! check it below.

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