Sunday, July 17, 2011


My friends at DropBears released their ep at HQ today in Leederville. my pal Hayden Taylor introduced me to Joel Dalton a few months back when I brought up the idea of photographing his band. it had been a few months since dropbears played their last show so was keen to see what the hype was about. i'm happy to rock a headache after todays show.

1 comment:

  1. wow Max
    *so good*

    I knew they would be - but it's something else
    seeing in front of you something you've only ever
    imagined before - you handled it exactly like I
    thought you would ... just the angles and everything

    slightly obsessed (+ very jealous) of the last shot(!!)
    love the blue/purple tint and the whole crispness of the
    whites ... and then you have the contrast of the faces
    of the fans ... like I said slightly obsessed!

    cool venue, reminds me of 'the Charlotte here (RIP)
    and 'cbgb's (RIP) - still can't believe CB's is gone
    least I saw it once

    once again well done
    - George


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