Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Post India

It has taken me some time to get these photos up on this page and there is still plenty more to be shared. This is something I could of imagined would of been done straight away upon returning from my trip but to be honest the whole experience of India has worn and torn me to the point where I don't really want to think about it. The experience itself has really given me a negative view on India. Perhaps it was the last two weeks spent in the country sick, perhaps the lack of trust I had for our tour guides who would bring us to places purely to drain money out of pockets and for them to earn commission or perhaps it was just the way of life in India, very fast paced yet slow at the same time. It is an experience I don't regret doing, but it is very tiring and to be completely true I have been trying to push processing these photos for awhile, if I didn't start on them now I would of never got them done. Here are some photos from my trip to India.


  1. So wonderful! I've been looking forward to these... You captured India well :)


  2. I appreciate the nice comments Bron, Thank you! :)


  3. amazing pics Max.
    probably my favourites from you so far :)
    it's funny, the pictures paint a different
    picture to what you experienced there
    - but that's the magic of photos I guess.
    it's a shame that countries like that
    are almost destroying themselves from the
    inside by such behaviour.

    1. I was enjoying India whilst I was well and everything. Unfortunately my last two weeks in Kolkatta I fell sick to the notorious 'dehli belly'. It pretty much ruined the trip for me and I think I painted a bad picture of India because of that. All of these photographs were taken when I was having a good time. There are none/very little of my time in Kolkatta.


  4. I'm sorry to hear about the misfortunes you came across while in India. You certainly need an immune system made of metal to travel around the area without getting sick.
    Fantastic photos though! I hope you'll post more =)

  5. Hey, I know exactly what you mean, I spent a month in India doing service work last year before uni. It's really an incredible place because they're so different to us but at the same time it's unbelievable how backward their lifestyle is. Anyway your photos are great, I love the subjects, look foreward to seeing more xx Phoebe


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