Monday, August 8, 2011

Further Earth

Ryan Carson from Further Earth invited me down a few weeks back to photograph his band opening up for FloatingMe. This was an enjoyable show to photograph but it had it's restrictions. Lighting in this set is some of darkest I have ever experienced, and without the aid of my flash the photographs tend to come out pretty noisey. However I am quite happy with the grainy result. In the next few weeks I will be sitting down with Carson to discuss ideas for their upcoming promotional shoot. I highly recommend watching their latest video clip for 'Fierce Euphoria' to see what these guys are about.


  1. the first picture ... - the whole stance/mood
    *SO* Ian Curtis
    and that's the greatest compliment I can give
    well done on capturing *that* moment
    - George

  2. Yes the Ian Curtis stance! Shame that man took his own life.
    Thanks George!


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