Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Being a Kid Again

Last night was something I hadn't anticipated to happen, at all. it all started from a facebook message from my mate liam plummer that suggested i go out and hang with him. now my mate liam lives on the riggs for work and is hardly ever down in perth so i thought i'd cherish the oppurtunity at 1 in the morning to visit him... and what an adventure we had. 

Armed with a canon 500D and a few kit lenses we went to ride all around perth in his way overpowered V8 monaro, which i must say, doing 180 down canning highway is kinda fucked - especially for someone who is visually impaired in one eye and is asking me to be his eyes because he can't see anything beyond 20m. But the story doesn't live there, in fact it started all the way down in kings park where we had first decided to shoot... we took some way over exposed pictures of the city but decided not to use them because the kit we had wasn't ideal for the situation and the pictures were coming out way to noisy. as we proceeded to leave we fortunately ran into a bunch of mixbreeds, germans and russians, who insisted that we play the guitar for him. the fact that i can't even play guitar was enough for me to tell them to get fucked. 

strapped like a scared child to a roller coasted, eyes glued to the road, we ventured down to fremantle. the idea was to find what we could on the streets at night and just take snaps. fremantle is a pretty old town so monochrome photos seemed appropiate - and at night time I find you cannot get any better quality photos with colour if there is low lighting. fremantle didn't please us too much so after taking a photo of a shitty bicycle, ramming down a few bins and then liam proceeding to run over a poor cat (which we missed niamh, dont worry), we were on our way to fremantles old power station.

and thats where shit got a little fucked up. to get to fremantle powerstation you have to drive your car up to north coogee, which luckily for me only took 2 minutes instead of 10, thanks liam, and then park your car and walk by foot through bushland to this massive power station for about 2km. the worst bit was we only had a iphone LED light as our only source of light and a flash from the camera every now and then. after a few fake "SNAKE!" calls, cold howls of wind, and a guy emerging from the bushes nudeless after his swim it was safe to say we were both kinda spooked out. getting into this power station was a mission. doing this in the day was one thing, but doing it at night with very limited light at all was another thing. so to jump fences which are clearly 10ft above the ground or more with barbwire was asking too much. so we did jump 3 fences only to find out the last fence we couldn't get through without boltcutters... so we bailed on this fucking plan. now mind you my legs are pretty cut up from jumping these fences so I was kinda peeved that we couldn't get any further then we did. 

travelling back down freo south liam decides to check out the warf and crate yards. finding another cat he spins his tyres and attempts to ram the thing into the ground. luckily, the cat survives, again. thank fuck. so the night ended there but we will venture again during the day shortly to actually give you some snaps inside of the power station. until then have a look at our shit attempted progress. 

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